25 Summer Outfit Ideas You Should Own


As the season is ending, you might want to know what is ahead in 2018 summer trends. Experts are bringing in the latest graphics concepts that will be impacting apparel for the summer 2018 season and beyond.

Where is the apparel going?

Deep-cut necklines and asymmetric designs gave silhouettes their organic yet structurally modern aura. Cut from weighted natural fibers for a stronger shape moving designs, it showcases a new feminine attitude towards the practical and the beautiful moving towards the look in a contemporary direction via inky forest tones.

Print & Pattern

Print inspired from mysterious jungle voices and tropical artistry are pattern direction for SS18. Textured true cotton and jacquard base embroidered leaf palm designs are improvement to textured cotton and its jacquard bases while abstracted motif of flora and fauna and colorful tonal ways introduce the techniques of modern print for a better contemporary look.

Materials and texture

Focusing on raw natural state textures and organic finishes, materials compact cottons lend summer fabrications lightweight being a durable and hardwearing quality of references and practical origin with cargo while outfit ideas functional fibers offer a softer feel although it gently crinkled and creased when handled.

Footwear & Accessories

A safari style in summer 2018 footwear lent a more accessories sophisticated feel. With leather paneling adding natural contrast outfits, elegant sock boot silhouettes come in utility tech fabrications. Pith helmets woven from straw are reinvented lightweight while providing a fresh fashion update to the formally sports-infused hip bag is the butter soft leathers in neutral/ white blockings.


Whether it is in lavender/lilac, baby pink, golden lemon or duck egg blue, you will see all the prettiest fashion shades next season. But as other fashion icons stated, “delicacy is strength”; these colors are sweet but do not consider tailoring in ice cream colors wearing them in unexpected ways like at Celine.

Redefining premium denim

A designer stated that past luster of premium denim is lost it didn’t feel like premium anymore. Companies transfer their production offshore, so  in moving away some quality was lost in some cases. He said that there was a real need to take denim back to craftsmanship, and to focus their attention in producing the perfect pair of jeans. So expect soon relaunching of premium denim as it was originally introduced and wear denims as original outfit ideas

Vintage streetwear capsule of Farmers Market is released

The team up of Round Two’s Sean Wotherspoon and Guess Jeans will soon release Farmer’s Market, that is a brightly colored capsule as a tribute to 80s and 90s retro streetwear.

Design forecast

For summer 2018, womenswear is grounded and often refered to as classic styles – but that doesn’t mean serious! In many instances, designs include entertaining styling and using experimental designs.

New Leather Trend

Due to new trends, the leather goes to unprecedented journeys of its desire for rebirth that smell of tropical places without limitless boundaries of time or space. Leather has always been the considered undisputed queen of fashion, because of its noble and fascinating material thanks to its remarkable characteristics of resistance, durability and elegance.

Gladiator Sandals

From early history to the present, the Gladiator Sandal has withstood the test of time and like a forgotten hero is set to make its comeback in 2019. Although these footwear haven’t been in the mainstream since the early years of 2000s, this 2019 will be bringing new changes; that is the return of the influence of the 90s that will open the door to bohemian styles for the next two seasons – you are like celebrities Sienna Miller and Kate Moss wearing these fabulous outfits in the festival.

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