35 Cozy Outfit Ideas To Wear This Winter


Winter is coming and here are runway styles you can actually pull off in your winter wardrobe to continue looking great despite of the cold weather.

Ski Jackets

Your ski jacket is created made from fabrics that are water proof or wind and water-resistant and nylon, silk, cotton or taffeta non-removable liner that is good protection from chilly weather. The durable ski jacket found its place in the runway from the ski slopes thanks to the ingenuity of fashion icons who created innovate ways to keep warm using traditional wear. Get your ski jacket ready and pair them with slacks and heels for the office.

Extra-Long Sleeves

When your sleeves extend past your fingers, you don’t need cold-weather accessories. See how your sleeves extend past your fingers can still look as stylish as the outfit ideas of Rihanna during her recent tour. Forego your gloves as extra-long sleeves are the perfect alternative to gloves. No more fumbling when you receive an incoming call—all you have to do is wiggle out your hand.

Puffer Coats

Hail to Patagonia! I am thrilled to announce that puffer jackets are finally part of the cool and proper outfits for this season. They have down feathers and high-tech insulation as the styles of the season vary from flashy to feathery. An evening’s attraction would be dark pants topped with a puffer jacket for a chic but cozy night out.

Dresses under your turtleneck

Do not packing away your summer dresses, layer them with a knit turtleneck like and voila! You’ve doubled your winter wardrobe as your friends will likely imitate your style for they will love wearing their fave summer dresses.

Platform Boots

Your footwear will stay as stylish as ever as you keep your feet high and dry with ’90s inspired platforms. These wonderful platform boots would make the Spice Girls a run for their money. With the white or black patent leather versions, you can stomp through all slushy streets without getting your foot wet; so never mind the weather!

Trooper Hats

Introduce something new in your head gear – sport the oversized trooper’s hats seen at the barracks but keep in mind that trooper hats are a wintry lifesaver. Far superior to knit beanies, the furry ear flaps keep your ears warm all season long.

Navy Overcoats

Last winter, we were obsessed with the camel coat. That pretty piece was a perfect match to your denim whether as it was for evening wear, and whichever comes in between. And though they are still tops, we think the neutral-outerwear has met its match with this season’s Navy-inspired overcoat. Look at the gold-buttoned coat, it is just as versatile, but a bit more dramatic.

Patent Trench Coats

For unseasonably warm winter days that mean too cold for a jacket, too hot for a wool coat, more warmth could be offered by its lightweight counterpart without causing you to overheat. Get one for the road and you will always have a coat to wear no matter what weather.


Wear your leggings as pants, you will realize that these outfits are not only comfortable but flattering, and easy to pack and wear when travelling on a plane and you can use them to create outfit ideas that neither jeans, cords, nor khakis could be that useful. Being a fashion writer, I have been doing this and have introduced something outmoded. Just look at all the fanciful legging in the market and pick some adorable pieces to go with your tops.

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