50 Winter Outfit Ideas to Copy Asap


Hello! Drop by my blog and see all the possible outfits you might plan to wear this holiday. Be the most fashionable member attending your family Christmas dinner and all those social tette-a tette you will be having with friends on vacation. The fashion world had not spared you as there is so much you have to add to your closet.

  1. Floral Pants

Flowers are traditionally exclusive trend for women which is probably the reason why some people find it difficult to wear for it can easily look too girlish, as if you are in your first day of kindergarten; however, you can dress up to look more sophisticated.

  1. The Colorful Dress

Want to bet against black for a change? The odds are in your favor when you choose a dress in a rich pinkish tone that makes the ideal cocktail attire during winter or any occasion billed as semiformal. If outside is very cold, a velvet jacket or a cashmere wrap can keep you warm. Richly colored attire goes well with accessories in a neutral tone and, its best contribution is the unexpected flash of Technicolor in a black-and-white film.

  1. Cowl Dress

Cowls are folds attached in any part when sewing a garment and considered by many as part of a bodice front; but however, in a dress, they are placed anywhere based on outfit ideas, they can be placed as bodice at the back, or as sleeves, or even to the sides of skirts or pants as cowls can be very subtle and could hardly be noticed from a gentle fall to a deep, dramatic and plunging silhouette.

  1. The Embellished Jacket

It happened only recently that jackets are now allowed to pass the coat check at parties but adding the feminine silhouettes and special innovative touches like embroidery and beading, it has become the latest fashion can stay on all night.

A special sassy holiday look is the result when you matched a heavily patterned or colorful ornamented velvet jacket with a skirt of satin or wear a tailored tuxedo pants.

  1. Dressy Pants

Remember the time when women were forbidden from wearing pants for pants were strictly for the male but thanks to the designers who keep producing a selection of swanky styles on these beloved basic outfits. Today pants are also for women and they are now made for the most important occasions even made from expensive fabrics like brocade and velvet. A good idea is to try topping a pair of party-right trousers with a sequined tank or a trim angora sweater.

  1. The Black Dress

The little black dress is the ultimate fallback as it is slimming, sophisticated, and even stain-proof and ideal for every special occasion. This outfit idea is as simple as can be, but it makes a statement with its flared hemline.

There are plenty of styles to suit your winter needs, whether you want something you can dress up (with heels and jewelry for a formal occasion) and down with flats and a corduroy  jacket for a holiday brunch or something that shows your figure  by emphasizing your small waistline or shapely shoulders.

  1. The Long Skirt

Your black-tie formal obligations happen only once in a while, in this occasion a floor-length skirt is a practical alternative to a floor-length gown. Long skirt unlike a gown that is formal can be made loose and casual and looks best when paired with a black tank top and ballet flats.

I am sure that with these items added to your holiday wardrobe, it is as good as complete and with a little change of accessories, you can wear them again and again.

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